Wedding gifts & Accessories

We all know about the dreaded wedding tax. Spending £500+ on flowers, totally insane; spending £500+ on wedding flowers, that’s about right. It’s often a fine line between having the wedding day of your dreams and not bankrupting yourselves.

At Secret Robin we’ve provided a variety of wedding ‘must haves’, ‘would be quite nice’ and some ‘yea sure’ accessories for weddings across the UK. We can supply a wide variety of accessories with unique groomsmen gifts, engaging wedding games, custom serving boards and much more.

customised straight razors

Groomsmen gifts – straight razors

Let your gentlemen know how much they mean to you by giving them something they may never use. Handcrafted solid wood handles and individually engraved, finished slightly dulled as to prevent a ‘red wedding’.

wedding flowers preserved in resin

Preserve your wedding bouquet

You and I both know you’ve spent good money on your weddings flowers and aren’t about to go chucking them over your shoulder just for a drunk aunt to tackle your sister to grab them. Make your lovely bouquet last forever by preserving them as a decorative centerpiece.

cornhole game for weddings

Wedding games – Cornhole

A great way to keep uncle Barry occupied while you encourage him to pace himself with the prosecco. Cornhole is a super simple game to explain to guests and perfect to prevent your guests just milling about.

solid oak serving boards

Serving boards

Who doesn’t love a bit of cheese? Lactose intolerant people probably don’t but I’m sure you’ve got something else for them. Fancy serving boards don’t have to cost fancy amounts of money.