Bespoke TV units

rectangular tv unit

Handmade TV units

As TVs seem to get bigger and bigger we thought it best to future proof ours by creating an extra wide TV unit. Your TV sees a multitude of uses across every member of the family (maybe not the goldfish) so it just makes sense to have a bespoke TV unit that is able to keep up with your demands.

freestanding tv stand with front doors open

Freestanding TV stand

We take every aspect of your TV life into account when creating our handmade TV stands. Having a lazy day of streaming; sounds great we’ve got space for some top tier snack storage. Ready for some couch coop in your favourite platformer; our cabinet doors slide away without looking weird when left open. Need to get the kids off the Tv for a bit; soft close drawers will hide all your boardgames ready for you to start a family argument over who gets to be the car in monopoly.