Bespoke Dining Tables

live edge dining table

Live edge dining table

If you want your dining table to look as much like the original tree it came from, then a live edge dining table is the one for you. These are an absolute personal favourite as by definition you are guaranteed to get a unique looking dining table every time. Our styles will trend towards a chunky farmhouse table style to firstly give a homely feel to any space but also ensure that this is a table you can be proud to have in your home for a lifetime.

top view of sunburst style dining table

Custom made dining tables

Available in any shape or size, our solid wood dining tables have no limits on creativity. The sunburst table requested by a client here is the perfect size for a 6 seater dining table, offering a distinctive piece without taking up too much room. We’d love to hear what kind of space you have and what we can do to improve your home, there’s no limits! Well, maybe some limits, let’s not get too crazy.