Bespoke tables

Tables! They’re great, but for some reason, many tables in the home don’t seem to be quite fun enough for our taste. At Secret Robin we really enjoy making handmade wooden tables to suit any home, office, garage or secret underground lair. Our tables seek to solve a practical problem in your home whilst making sure that the end result is actually something you’ll enjoy living with. You’ve got art on your walls, so have art that you live with too. Every home is different so not only do you need a bespoke table to suit your individual needs, you also need an utterly unique handmade table that nobody else has.

sunburst effect dining table

Bespoke dining tables

Hands down the most satisfying pieces of furniture to make. Often the central hub of any home, a chunky farmhouse dining table is the place to nick dads chips, catch up after a long day or reconnect with a few chums and a couple of tinnys.

solid walnut coffee table with hairpin legs

Funky coffee tables

Relax, put your feet up. What’s that? Something missing! Well that’s where we come in! Our bespoke coffee tables handcrafted right here in the UK are custom designed to fit your home perfectly. Take a look and discover your next accent piece.

solid TV unit with 3 natural effect doors

Solid wood TV stands

A perfect solution for showcasing your fancy new TV whilst also giving you plenty of space to hide your outdated DVD collection. Our handmade TV units are completely custom to fit any awkward space your home movie corner might have.

nest of 3 solid wood bedside tables

Solid wood Bedside tables

For a solid night’s sleep you certainly could do with a solid wood bedside table. We’ve got plenty of options for for those that like to keep it simple with a a minimalist bedroom to more funky bedside table ideas for more passionate bedrooms.