Our Designs

Trying to find that one item for your home that will make visitors go “oh, yea that’s kinda cool” or “didn’t I see that on instagram somewhere?“, well you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our featured designs to see if we might just have the missing edge piece from the 500 piece puzzle that is your home.

live edge dining table

Bespoke tables

Looking for something to sit on? Oooh, sorry not quite, but can I offer you something to sit at instead?

wedding flowers preserved in resin

Wedding accessories

Weddings are stupid crazy expensive without adding any unnecessary faff. Take a look at our unnecessary faff that isn’t quite as expensive.

Under Stairs Wine Rack

An excellent way to use those odd little spaces you have around the home, with the added benefit of hiding how much you actually drink in a week!

Floating lamp

Is it trickery? Is it magic? Well no, it’s mainly epoxy but we had you there for a second didn’t we! A nice fun illusion to help light up a living room corner.

Heart stool

A cute little stool with a solid wood heart shaped inlay to ensure the design doesn’t flake off with time. This isn’t a ‘love stool’, don’t Google that!

Roobma Hotel

Your Roomba works hard for you so the least you can do is give it somewhere to sleep. All this plus the added benefit of having a bookshelf to make yourself seem well read.