What we’re about

floating style freestanding lamp

About us

I make things I find interesting in the vague hope that others might too.

Hi, I’m Pete and I started Secret Robin to showcase some of my creations to anyone else that may also be interested in bespoke UK based furniture. By furniture I of course mean pretty much anything that can fit inside a home and by bespoke I of course mean pretty much any shape, size, colour, smell and taste. Well, maybe not those last two.

At Secret Robin we mainly gravitate towards handmade live edge tables made right here in Dorset, UK. Big tables, medium sized tables, small tables and a few in-between. If you’ve got a space in your home that could do to be occupied by a big ol’ table then I’m certainly the chap to chat to.

Stay a while and take a look at what we have on offer. Or don’t, you can always go for a walk, stretch your legs, make a cuppa. Mind if I have one too? Milk please. Much obliged.

Why “secret Robin”?

The ‘Robin’ part of our name started out that when I was working on some projects I would quite often get visited by the same few robins in the garden seeing what I was up to. For ‘secret’ I’ve always liked the idea of having a piece that has hidden details that you don’t always spot on the first look.

If you’ve got a keen eye you might spot a few of our secret robins in our designs. If you’ve not got such a keen eye, maybe go have another look to be sure. If you didn’t spot any then I’m really not sure how much more I can help.