Secret Robin

“Only the best for your cosy nest”

You’re not boring, so don’t let your home be boring either! Based in Dorset, UK Secret Robin promises to have designs you’re not going to see anywhere else on the web. Our strict furniture design ethos of “I think this would be pretty cool” is seeped into every item we create to ensure your nest has those extra special touches. With everything from custom made dining tables to tailored weddings accessories there’s plenty of secrets to uncover…

Our Tables

Dining Tables

You’re going to need somewhere to eat your meals and that spaghetti bolognese looks a little precarious to be balanced on your lap.

Coffee Tables

Not just for coffee, our funky coffee tables accommodate all types of liquid beverages.

Bedside Tables

Styles to suit any bedroom, our solid wood bedside tables have plenty of space for that book you’re totally going to get around to reading some day.

TV Stands

You’ve got a nice telly, don’t just prop it up with old university textbooks and overly complicated cookbooks. Add some style to your already lovely living room.

Explore Our designs

Stay a while and whet your interior design apatite. We’ve got plenty that you’re not looking for but certainly one or two gems that will make you go “oh, that’s cool”. At Secret Robin we take a custom approach to every design we create to ensure that our furniture fits perfectly into your personal nest. If you see something you like, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can create for you. See something you don’t like, maybe keep that to yourself, our ego might not be able to take it.

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Let’s have a chat

Drop us a line with any questions about our UK based designs and we’ll see what bespoke beauties we can get conjured up for you.